Nicklaus Design Partnership

Dakota Putting Greens & Nicklaus Design

Founded by golf legend Jack Nicklaus, Nicklaus Design is known around the world as the leader in golf course design. Their record is unrivaled in creating the most challenging, sophisticated, and memorable golf courses open for play. The Nicklaus name is synonymous with greatness in golf, and the firm that bears his name is considered the master of golf course design.

The Southwest Greens and Nicklaus Design partnership began in 2004 and has evolved considerably over the years to include an exclusive, premium synthetic turf products bearing the Nicklaus nickname, Golden Bear. Golden Bear is a premium grade synthetic turf that has the look, feel, and bite of natural grass. It’s simply the most authentic artificial grass and turf playing surface available on the market today.

To offer discerning clients a premium line of custom putting greens available for the home, resort, condo, or golf facility, Dakota Putting Greens is certified and trained to install a Nicklaus Design artificial golf green or golf course with custom features such as precise dimension, slope, elevation, contour, and area data. Our professional design team can create a digital model to review prior to installation.


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